Main Feast Marshal Zombie

You've been to Pennsic. You've attended Crown Tournaments and Coronations and Wars between Baronies.
You've participated in pas-d'armes, fought at MKAoD and/or ToC, scribbled at Inkin' in Lincoln.
All the winter events lie on the horizon: All Souls, Crystal Ball, 12th Night, Maidens.
Don't you just want to relax with your friends and have some not-so-serious fun?
Well, there's no trick - let your friends in Lochmorrow provide you with a treat!

The Canton of Lochmorrow Presents

All Hallows Revel :

Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun

October 26th

American Legion Hall
11319 S. Glasford Rd.
Glasford, IL 61533
(just off US Highway 24)

Site Fee: $15 (plus $5NMS), includes lunch and feast.
Remember due to the new Society rules, you must be able to provide proof of membership at Troll. Should you forget your card (for your convenience) we will have a computer at Troll to confirm your membership.

Site opens for Merchant Set-Up at 8:00AM.
Merchants MUST register no later than October 19, 2013!
Site opens to our guests at 9:00AM.

Activities will include Zombie-themed Tournaments for both Armored and Fencing combatants, and an Identify-the-Zombie contest. Prizes appropriate to the theme will be presented to the victors/survivors!

There will also be shopping and schmoozing, an Elizabethan-themed feast, and the semi-traditional (but always tasty) Lochmorrow chili lunch.

Are your shelves overburdened with dusty tomes of arcane lore? Would you like to see those gently-used books go to good homes? We will host an informal book sale to benefit the Canton of Lochmorrow, and we encourage you to donate the books you no longer wish to keep. Of course, that also means that there will be an opportunity to pick up new-to-you titles to fill the newly-emptied spaces on your shelves!

One of the traditions of the season is to fondly remember those who we have lost over the past year. We will have a reliquarium table for those who wish to share their memories of (or pay their respects to) loved ones from the Society.

Contact Information:

Autocrat: Baron Wilhelm Michalik (mka Michael Mihallik)
116 Castleman Ct. Creve Coeur, IL, 61610 (309) 657-6837

Co-Autocrat: Alan Edwards (mka Sean Ring) (309) 333-0743

Merchant Coordinator: Lisbet Van der Poel (mka Linda Vogel), (309) 389-4019
Web Site Issues: Sir Ix (mka Bo Ring)