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NEW SITE FOR Lochmorrow's Regular Event: It is right off campus in Macomb!

With the battle cry of Libre Bohemia, the March of Lochmorrow would like to invite you on September 23, 2006 to our 3rd annual regular event. Historical setting: In 1547, King Ferdinand I (of Austria, Hungary, and Bohemia) holds an uneasy peace with Bohemian nobility. His brother Charles V waged war with the Lutherans in Germany. While Bohemia didn't revolt then, this event assumes the Czech nobles sided with the populous and fought for freedom.

A Regular Event in Lochmorrow: The Bohemians are Revolting!

Hosting Group: The March of Lochmorrow
Date: Saturday September 23, 2006.
Times: Day sites open at 9:00 AM and close at 6:00 PM, Feast Site opens at 6:00 PM and closes at 9:00 PM.
Site Fee: $4.00 for adult members, with nonmember adults paying the additional $3.00 SCA nonmember fee. Children under 18 pay $3.95 for site a fee whether they are members or nonmembers.
Feast Fee: Free for people who bring a dish, $5.00 otherwise. [See feast details below]
Event Steward: Lord Aleator, (Charles Ehlschlaeger)
Mail advance reservations to Aleator at:
245 Jana Rd.
Macomb, IL 61455
Questions: Call 309-836-5987

Daytime Activities

Day activities will include all the "regular" Lochmorrow event fun including combat, dance, shopping, classes, gossiping, etc.

Merchant Information

Merchant can begin setting up at 9:00 AM when the site opens at either the day site if they feel the weather will be good, or at the Horabin Hall otherwise (BYO pavilion or table). Merchants must RSVP (contact Aleator at 309-836-5987) to guarantee space indoors. Merchants setting up outdoors at the "Dry Combat Site" must locate their pavilion at the event steward's discretion.
Merchant List:

Combat Information

If the weather is good, the dry site is a HUGE flat open field that will support melees. If the weather is poor, fighting will be in the Horabin Hall Gym. Armor inspection will begin at 9:30 AM with authorizations beginning at 10:00 AM. There will "Bohemian Revolt" melees for both heavy weapons and rapier combat. (Combatants will fight for the Habsburgs or Bohemians depending on their persona.) The armored and rapier tourneys will be bear pits with champions for each weapon style. For more information, contact the appropriate marshall.
Changing into armor:
If combat is at the Horabin Hall Gym, people can change into garb in one of the reserved classrooms until 11:00. If combat is at the open field, people can change into garb in the large restrooms at the feast site.
Combat schedule:
9:30: weapon and armor inspection
10:00: Authorizations begin. Priority will be given to first and lapsed authorizations.
11:00: Bohemian Revolt rapier melees, armored matched weapon bear pit (weapon/shield, pole arm, two weapon, great weapon, spear)
2:00: Bohemian Revolt armored melees, rapier matched weapon bear pit (single rapier, rigid parry, rapier/dagger, case rapiers, non rigid parry)

The armored matched bear pit competition will keep two lists open: weapon/shield and pole arm. When fighters get tired of pole arm, pole arm will be replaced by two weapon. After two weapon is finished, great weapon will begin followed by spear. A similar format will be done for rapier combat.
Armored marshall: Sir Ix (Bo Ring: 309-299-1250).
Rapier marshall: Lord Roibhilin of Adair (Rob Ritter: 309-653-2518)

Dance Information

Mistress Alphia Biraz-Pars will provide dance instruction from 3:00-5:00 at the Horabin Hall Day Site. More details to follow. If there is no evening court, there will be dancing after the feast.

Class List:

Making and Cooking Sausage (starting at 12:00): Learn to make sausage with hands on experience. You must be willing to get your hands covered in fat. Taught by Lord Aleator. Lord Aleator has 30 years experience in making sausage.
Instructors: If you want to teach a class, please contact the event steward.

Lunch Information

There are many restaurants within a half mile of the day site. Additional information can be found at the troll booth.

Feast Activities and Information

The feast is pseudo pot luck served buffet style. Lochmorrow will provide smoked ham, three different recipes of italian sausage, and beef pirozhki. There will be a pound of meat for every man, woman, and child that attends the feast. Attendees will provide the appetizers, vegetables, breads, cheeses, and desserts. Cost: $5.00 for people who don't bring food. FREE for people who bring a dish made with $4 of ingredients. Households may bring a single dish if the ingredients cost $4 times the number of people attending the feast. Lochmorrow will use money from the feast fee to purchase food and drink not supplied by the attendees.

There will be competitions for the best food and best alcoholic beverage brought to the feast. Standard A&S rules apply. Brewers, vintners, and cooks please volunteer for taste testing and judging.

Feast entertainment

Please contact the event steward if you wish to perform at the event.

Misc. notes

Alcohol policy: While the feast site will be "competitively wet", there will be no alcohol allowed at either day site. We can bring homemade alcoholic beverages to the feast. Alcoholic beverages brought to the feast will be encouraged to enter the competition. Master Jhondo Oakenshield will be the head judge.
Handicap accessibility: Both sites are handicap accessible. Please contact the event steward for specific questions.
Rules regarding minors and pets: Minors and pets must be policed by their parents or guardians. We can make sausages out of virtually anything so we hope no one gets too disruptive. Or, Lochmorrow reserves the right to demand disruptive pets or children (of ages up to 99) leave the site.
Volunteers needed: The event still needs feast entertainers, and class instructors. Please contact the event steward.

Directions to sites

USE MAPQUEST LINK BELOW (All you need to do is type in your home address and Mapquest does the rest.) However, if you must see directions on this flyer: Take your best route to US 67. Turn west on University Ave. (the northen most stoplight in Macomb). Turn left (south) at the three way stop (you will still be on University Ave. but heading south). Go through the three way stop (0.4 miles). The parking lot is on the right (west) immediately after the three way stop. (See map below.)
Address Parking: On street parking ONLY at Holden Dr. (which is between Horabin Hall and Dry Combat Site), or 800 Western Ave. Macomb IL 61455 (The indoor day site, Horabin Hall, is immediately north of the parking lot.) There also is a limited number of parking spaces at the Feast Site (below).
Address Feast Site: St. Francis of Assisi Student Newman Center, 1401 W University Ave. Macomb IL 61455

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